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Chaotic boarding, but mostly my issues are with Toronto airport

Flight delayed by half hour, causing rush to get to connecting flight in Toronto Pearson which doesn’t have good flow for managing immigration check and connections.

Service was amazing, and the plane was comfortable even for this long haul. But they could have more movies selections. But they were still a lot to choose from.

Due to mechanical problems it was delayed causing problems the actual flight. Was fune

Wish we had music during take off and landing like the last flight

First time with Porter and I can say this is best airline company in Canada. Great service, free WiFi, free snack and drinks (including beer and wine). Seats were super comfy on the Embraer jet and I appreciated the folding try table too. Staff were excellent both legs of the trip.

Crew is ok. They offered food n drinks. Had difficulty connecting to wifi on board.

Tight transfer in Montreal. (15 min) However, we made it, as did my luggage.

Great. Porter is very efficient, welcoming, and organized. I fly Porter often.

Flight was smooth and comfortable. The crew were exceptional. Amanda, Nichole and Hershel were attentive to our every need. So friendly. My daughter and I were surprised at quality of service. Loved the double row seating. Snacks were delicious. We would definitely fly with Porter again. Flight PD 670 SFO to YYZ Thank you so much for the best flight experience we have had

Absolutely brutal. When we checked in we were not even guaranteed a seat. Then had to join the queue on "standby" for a seat. Worst journey out of hundreds I have done and Westjet....never again. No food, no drinks, tight seats, slow boarding and even slower unloading.

Our flight was canceled the morning of and we were given no alternatives, poor communication, and it cost us $2900 more plus five days to get to our destination.

Bad flight cancellations no notice until 11:00 pm could not call no response from them would not call back chat was not working had too book another flight ask for my money back so far only 97:00 of the 430:00 is pending in my account not sure what too do next

WestJet is the worst. Will never fly with them again.

Flight got cancelled. I had to spend many hours on phone to have it rescheduled at my convenience

The first flight was cancelled so they automatically re-booked me to fly out *2 days* later. I had to call and spend over an hour on hold to get a new flight. Woke up the next morning to find out the new flight had been delayed enough that I wouldn't be able to make my connection so I called again, spent another hour+ on hold, and then got disconnected. Called again, another hour+ on hold to find out they couldn't find a replacement flight that would get me to my destination in time for my meetings so I had to cancel my trip. Note that the original flight cancellation and the delay of the 2nd flight were both due to "staffing issues".

I booked through westjet. The first flight left late and cost us the connection to the second flight. The second flight after a 4 hour delay was again late because they were short an attendant. Then a door malfunctioned on the plane which led to yet another plane. So by the time we left Calgary we missed the BC ferry and had to pay a charge to get a later one. It ended up being a 24 hour day. That wrecked our first day and part of the second day in BC because we were so overtired.

We were informed of an impending mechanics and technologists strike between June 18-20 with the potential to delay or cancel flights. This put an enormous amount of stress on us as our flights from Phoenix-Calgary-Vancouver were a precedent to our cruise leaving Vancouver on June 21. The first leg of our flight had no WestJet Connect. Both planes were model 737-700 . There was no room under the seats for typical personal items as a plastic housing for flotation devices prevented stowage. Center seat had a large power supply (thinking USB retrofit) that consumed 1/3 of the area for your feet. No beverage service Calgary to Vancouver. Never flying WestJet ever again.

Terrible. Passengers were loud and stewardess did nothing about it. They didn't show us the safety precautions like how they were suppose to, in the beginning before taking off.

Fine except for a delay that resulted in our missing the final leg of our flight.

very disappointed with Air Canada, flight delay more than 4 hours.

What a bad service not nice staff The luggages was lost (hopefully not stolen) when talked to person at Calgary airport he said Ahhhhh don’t worry it happen all the times I have been told Air Canada is not a good airline now am sure it is very bad

No place to chrge devices and no in flight entertainment

Flight canceled so had to wait in the airport for a long time.

Four hour delay, no communication and multiple reasons for delay. Rude counter person even though I had a business class ticket. Bad experience all around.

The flight was delayed over four hours, then in Winnipeg it took another 40 minutes before the bags were available to us. I was grateful (especially as a 6'3" person) to be sitting in an exit row, but really that was the only positive from the flight. Our flight was delayed so that it left and arrived after the last flight of the day (even after itself being delayed) was finished. A one-2 hour delay is manageable and understandable. Over 4 hours of delay is trying, especially when it comes (as it did for us) at the end of a 3-leg international flight

We were held in customs while someone was checking on all.passengers on flight. We were released with very little time to get to our gate! Very frustrating!

Delayed twice, and as always, planes are cramped and too crowded, for the high price of a ticket, air travel in Canada is horrible service and value.

First lag from Toronto to Vancouver. Cold as hell and there is no blanket to provide. Terrible crew and bad attitude

Flight was delayed at least 4 times then once we boarded they found a problem with the plane and we had to de-plane and wait another hour for a different plane. I was an hour late for my performance.

The crew of this flight, specially the flight attendant in the front were the sweetest I’ve had in all my life, I genuinely hope they get a race or sum cuz of their efforts. It was just quite unsettling that the flight took so long to departure. It was supposed to leave at 10:35pm and we ended up taking off at 11:22pm…👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

It’s bare bones but was on time so can’t complain.

Of all the countries I've flown to and airlines from around the world, I have never had such a dismissive an arrogant employee during boarding. After waiting in line for 20 minutes to board, I was sent to a second line for Passport verification. Natalie from Flair, repeatedly tried to scan my passport which didn't work for some reason but was too lazy to input my information manually. Bar code scanners aren't 100% reliable as we all know. She asked me my birthdate 3 times, made me wait to be the last person aboard and then smugly threatened me that my only bag could be charged for (same backpack I used as on my arrival as carry on). Natalie working in Ft. Lauderdale and the was the epitome of lobotomized tiktok brain with the charm of junk mail.

Food selection is very poor and sears are very uncomfortable.

Flight was 3 hrs late and another 2 hrs wait for baggage to arrive on carousel and a $7.00 food voucher that arrived as we were boarding our flight.

Seat rows so close together no one dares to put their seats back. Knees pressed against the seat in front, had to find a position putting my legs under the seat in front. But for 6 hours keeping that one position was ridiculous. All savings on the purchase price are taken back through charge backs for luggage $200 each way, Seat selection $44 per seat or you are seated by a computer randomly. Wife sat 5 rows away. Would avoid Flair in the future

The flight was safe (priority). Everything else is low-cost: too hard, delays, mediocre boarding, cost for carry-on and checked luggage.

Flair flight was 4 hours late due to not having a crew and the plane was filthy. Just water service Terrible experience flight 1513

Flair did not notify you when they changed gate number!

Can't be happy with a 5 hour delay. Only given $10 voucher for food and still EVERYTHING was an upcharge during the flight.

The flight was canceled. We only found out at the airport. We had to book another flight which cost us more then the whole trip booked through Kayak. Lynx took our email and was supposed to write us with an alternate flight. We never received an email. They talked about reimbursem*nt which was to be explained in the email (which we never received).

The online system for Lynx air to pay for additional baggage is not satisfactory. I was charged 100+$ for my suitcase when I tried to explain that the online payment was not functional using the app and showed screenshots of the same. In the end I gave up and paid and went ahead.

No snacks, just water.... could have been better. The actual flight was good.

Flight delayed by 4 hours but no communication. With passengers until after the posted departure time became apparent the flight was not going to board even close to on time.

Flight was sent canceled. The absolute most useless staff I have ever witnessed. Utterly careless - literally could not care less. 100% never using this airline again.

Poor communication at the check in counter and boarding gates.

Other then the screaming baby the flight was fine, nothing special

Check in experience was smooth, and the flight attendants were courteous and friendly. Very positive experience overall, thank you all!

Flight arrived late but other than that everything else okay

Great price for a new plane. Only offered water which we knew.

C$ 53 Cheap Flights from Toronto to Calgary (YTO - YYC) | KAYAK (2024)
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